Butterfly is Not a Crime Postal Swim

butterfly is not a crime registration

Second Annual Event Soon!
Sanctioned by US Masters Swimming


500yd Fly
500yd Back
500yd Breast

400scm Fly
400scm Back
400scm Breast

400LCM Fly
400LCM Back
400LCM Breast


1000yd Fly
1000yd Back
1000yd Breast

800scm Fly
800scm Back
800scm Breast

800LCM Fly
800LCM Back
800LCM Breast


1650yd Fly
1650yd Back
1650yd Breast

1500scm Fly
1500scm Back
1500scm Breast

1500LCM Fly
1500LCM Back
1500LCM Breast

Mixed Relays

3x500yd Fly
3x500yd Back
3x500yd Breast

3x400scm Fly
3x400scm Breast
3x400scm Breast

3x400lcm Fly
3x400lcm Breast
3x400lcm Breast

3x500yd Medley
3x400scm Medley
3x400lcm Medley


1500yd IM
1500scm IM
1500lcm IM

Swim in any order.
No Crawl!

Open Water

1 mile Fly
2 mile Fly
1 mile Breast
2 mile Breast


"I read on the website that as soon as you start submitting times, it becomes addictive. This is true." Madeline, Chicago IL

"Done. My first open water mile swim butterfly! It was an interesting swim. Most people had no idea what I was doing (certainly no one understood why). It was challenging to know how fast to go out or come back in. Trying to go faster generated more pain. Anyway, it's done, largely because of your encouragement." Bruce, Pittsboro NC

1650 Backstroke is Addictive!

A year ago I never would have guessed I could or even would want, to swim distance backstroke. Now I don't want to do anything else! 50's, 100's, & 200's are all kind of mundane. I plan to do my USMS lcm pool 5k all backstroke later this month; I am up to 4,000m non-stop so far. If I don't survive it, my timer (my surviving wife) will let you know my partial results!!

First Open Water Swims Recorded

It is time for Open Water! Jump in! Larry Paulson of Reston Masters and Charlie Tupitza reported the first open water one mile butterfly times. They swam at the 27th annual Reston Lake Swim. This is a great venue for open water and one of the best run open water swims anywhere. Larry was the meet director. Fairfax Times Article Here

But Can They Finish a 1650?

New NCAA Swim Records Set: Cal's Ryan Murphy 200 Back 1:37.35, Arizona's Kevin Cordes 200 Breast 1:48.66, Notre Dame's Emma Reaney 200 yard Breaststroke 2:04.06 and Michigan's Dylan Bosch 200 butterfly 1:39.33 These guys are over 18.
How would they do in the 1650 version of each?

Swam 4 Events in USMS 1 hour Postal Swim

Shirley Bibles of the Aquatics Club of Georgetown in Texas Started off her one hour postal swim by the 500 Butterfly, 500 Backstroke, and 500 Breaststroke! Setting new Unofficial Unrecognized and Nonconforming World Records in the 500 Butterfly and Breaststroke plus the 1500 IM! Congratulations to Shirley!

Celebrates Birthday with a 1,000 Butterfly

For Leland Wilholte's 45th birthday he swam 4500 yards of the 'Butterfly is Not a Crime' events. He said it was a lot if fun and a little tiring towards the end. He took some rest between sets and even had to change pools. He swam the 1500 yard IM (his order choice was Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly). Then he topped it off with a 1000 Back, 100 Breaststroke, and 1000 Fly in that order. As he said "saving the best stroke for last".

Wake up! Your time has come!

Imagine the glory in swimming 66 laps of your favorite stroke.

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USMS Rules prohibit you from swimming more than five individual events during one day. If you have a burning desire to swim more than five of these individual events in one day please seek help from your doctor immediately.


This is your chance to earn a totally Unofficial World, Long-Distance, Nonconforming Swim Record. Mark your place in history. All record holders will recieve an Official Proclamation by the Mayor of our Town, the Honorable George B Fitch (co-founder of the Jamaican Bobsled Olympic Team of 1988) declaring that you indeed hold this unofficial record. All swimmers will receive recognition for completing their events.

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Just Finishing is an Awesome Accomplishment!

Yes we are tracking our own top ten times at Butterfly is not a Crime Postal, but do not let others intimidate you. Finishing any of these events is a great accomplishment! We changed the side bar to reflect all accomplishments! We look forward to seeing all the finishes, fast and not as fast. Above all work on your form, encourage others, and stay healthy!

Distance is Relative

Some people think that swimming 500 yards butterfly, back, or breaststroke is an eternity, some think it is a sprint, others see it as a great accomplishment! Enjoy!

Special Olympics Fund Rasier Click Image

Stein Completes 1 Mile Open Water Butterfly

Caroline Stein became the first woman to complete the 1 mile open water butterfly today! Congratulations on your achievement Caroline! If you know of any other woman that has done this in open water send us a note!
After finishing the race she said "It is amazing how much 65 wall push offs help!". We agree, the walls sure help!

Click Participant Map to See Who's Swimming

Send in All Your Times

We are tracking all times. Please don't hesitate to submit your time because it is not the fastest. This is a great accomplishment no mater how fast you are swimming!

Warrenton Mayor Sets New Record

Our Mayor George Fitch brought victory to our 3 x 500 Medley relay today by anchoring with a 500 breast stroke. George retires after 16 years of being our mayor next week and our facility will be named after him. Joining George was Julie Dawley and Charlie Tupitza.

Swimmers of the Month

September 2013 Doug Hayden swam the 500 fly as the first person to register a time for an event
October 2013 Angela Fadlovich was our first female Backstroker. Angela only started swimming a few years ago
November 2013 At 77 years young David Costell Swam the 1650 Backstroke faster then most can swim crawl
December 2013 Sherry Bender swam the 1650 fly and 1650 breast on the last day of the year!

January 2014 John Batchelder swam 4,025 yards of butterfly after swimming 1 hour of old fashioned crawl during this years USMS Hour Postal Swim! We recognize his effort and will add this to the list for next years event.


Promote alternative stroke distance events beyond the normal limit of 200 meters. We are also encouraging swimmers to have fun and participate in a unique event that challenges them to do something they once thought they could not do.

Where to Swim?

Swim anywhere. Submit your times from meets, practices, or on your own. Submit as many times as you want per event!

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